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5899 Buck Ward Rd  Baker, FL 32531
​Hours of operation:
Friday Nights 7 pm -11 pm
Saturdays 9 am - 11 pm
Sundays 12 pm - 6 pm 
Halloween 7 pm - 11 pm

Welcome to our nightmare.  Nightmare on the Old Spanish Trail that is.  When darkness descends upon the woods and the monsters begin to prowl, you will enter a dimension of terror that you may not be prepared for.
 If you dare to walk through the nightmare you will encounter horrific scenes and creepy creatures that can't wait to hear your screams. What lurks among these trees? 
What sinister beings have you in their sights?
  Nightmare on the Old Spanish Trail $15
Sept 28th - Nov 3rd
Open 7 pm until 11 pm
 Fridays & Saturdays
Last ticket sold at 10 pm

We will be open Halloween Night Oct.31st

(Weather Permitting)

Any questions please contact via
email: hallowshill@gmail.com

Nightmare on the Old Spanish Trail


You didn’t have to be in the area long to figure out there were strange things happening along this stretch of the Old Spanish Trail. Situated in NW Florida in what is now known as Okaloosa County, this part of the Trail was one that few dared to travel. Since the early part of the 17th Century many people had disappeared while traveling thru the area. Wild Animals were plentiful. Indians from long ago still roamed the area and had established an old burial ground nearby. But the most horrifying part of the story attributed the disappearance and mutilation of these unfortunates to a band of Zombies that roam the area. The story was always the same. These Zombies have an insatiable desire to consume human flesh. Then after the attack the victim (or whats left of the poor soul) became a zombie.

Uncle Bill’s family moved into NW Florida in the late 1850’s. They were a family of loggers. The timber was virgin and the logging was good. James Monroe Barnhill had moved his family to the area to take advantage of the plentiful Long Leaf Pines. He hadn’t been in the area long before he became aware of some of the horrors along the Old Spanish Trail. He had heard all the stories about the disappearances and mutilations. He didn’t believe the stories but still he had to wonder????

One day while working alone in the woods a huge log he was sawing down kicked back and fell across his chest. James was helpless and thought for sure he was a goner. Then a very strange thing happened. An old woman appeared and began talking to him. Her name was Betty Whacker. She had a very strong walking stick and with almost Superhuman effort she pried the log off James Monroe’s chest. James crawled over to the stump of the tree and leaned back against it, assessing his condition.

He was very grateful to the old woman and as he sat there talking to her he asked her about her story. She was somewhat hesitant at first but then she began to tell her incredible tale.

In the early part of the 17th Century she was with a band of settlers that was traveling thru the area. They became caught in the middle of a skirmish between Some Conquistadores and local Indians. Her husband, James Whacker, was killed in the battle and was buried in a shallow grave. 

The Indians involved were a very fierce band of Creek Indians. Worse yet as it turned out they were all Zombies. Betty survived the attack but was bitten by one of the Indians.

Sure enough as the script had been written many times, Betty herself became a full fledged Zombie. She knew the story and knew what was coming. But she vowed, if she was to become a Zombie, she wouldn’t be a bad Zombie. She had heard the Zombie tale and had spent some time with the Apalachee Indians. The Indians were aware of the Zombies and had developed a very strong elixir or potion that had healing qualities for many ailments and most importantly, it was the antidote for Zombie attacks and bites.

Betty traveled back to the Apalachee Indian settlement near Tallahassee, Fl and convinced them to give her the recipe for the antidote.  

For Betty, however, it was too late. One of the requirements for the antidote is that you take it very soon after the Zombie encounter. She knew she was a Zombie but she vowed to do what she could to reverse the transformation in as many victims as possible.

She then traveled back to the battle site and dug up the bloody corpse of her husband, James Whacker.

There still exists Zombies in these woods today. Betty and James Whacker still roam these woods today. When zombie attacks do occur Betty takes a couple of bites from the victims. Enough to satisfy her cravings. Then she administers the antidote and saves as many victims as possible from the curse of becoming a Zombie.

After hearing the story from Betty, James Monroe thought for a moment. He was grateful to Betty. She had saved his life. But she was a Zombie. After a few moments of thought he asked her. It couldn’t hurt to ask. Would she give him the recipie for the Antidote?? Betty thought for a couple of moments. Then she agreed. She gave James Monroe Barnhill the recipie for the Zombie Antidote!!!

Today things are pretty much the same along the Old Spanish Trail. Indians, Animals, and Zombies still roam these woods. 

Zombies of course exist everywhere. The antidote is required everywhere.

Uncle Bill is the 5th generation of Barnhill’s to have the recipie for this elixser, this potion, this antidote. He has developed a line of products now being marketed as “Uncle Bill’s”. All of his products contain the Zombie Antidote.  

Don’t be caught dead without it!!!!